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Addiction and Denial

What prevents an addict from seeking help? One of the most common reasons is that of DENIAL which for an addict becomes their most powerful coping mechanism to delay facing the truth.

Addiction creates a form of smoke and mirrors that can make a person utterly oblivious to the source or possibly even the root cause of their problems.

In denial, a person may resort to various behaviours – including:

* Minimizing – the person will act as if you’re blowing things out of proportion “it’s not that bad” etc

* Rationalizing – an addict will rationalize their substance abuse saying they are stressed or just need a little help or deserve a reward for their hard work

* Self Deception – the individual convinces their own self that things are not as severe as they really are

Continued denial can result in destructive consequences from health issues to relationships in ruin.

Sadly, for as long as this state persists, real treatment cannot begin in earnest. Seeking guidance and help from a trained addiction therapist or counsellor is essential if this crucial first bridge is to be crossed.

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