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Daily Routines in Rehab

Daily Routines in Rehab & Recovery

The Redbourne Addiction Treatment Centre offers a very carefully structured program, outlined in a weekly schedule with every waking hour accounted for. This is not a matter of convenience or efficiency, it’s one of recovery’s greatest lessons … daily structure has a profound impact on mental health.

People who establish daily patterns and routines are less stressed, get better sleep, eat healthier, are physically healthier and use their time more effectively. For those in active recovery, a highly structured daily routine has additional benefits. It ensures a sense of purpose, it improves self esteem and self-efficacy, not to mention , brain functionality itself. Ideally, as many of these routines as possible should become a way of life, post inpatient treatment, grounding the recovery journey and ensuring its sustainability.

These routines include –

* Waking up early

* Making time for daily exercise

* Eating healthy, nutritious foods

* Regular attendance at group therapy / support groups

* Taking time for self care and personal hygiene

* Daily journaling

* Daily chore schedules

* Making time to read and learn

* Ensuring a good night’s rest

These daily habits will become an essential part of every patients sobriety.

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