A new treatment centre, a new approach, a new way forward for people in love with their substance.

Is this me?

I love my Friday nights with new friends who understand me in a far kinder way than my old friends, who want me to be the responsible, boring, shy person that I always see in the mirror. Always wanting to walk, run or play a game, go to a movie, read a book or, my God forbid, study for an exam or do overtime.

I love the long Saturdays when the sunshine warms the day and long afternoons are filled with memories of camaraderie and parties, and the slow Sundays where the hair of the dog shakes life back into a long day of gentle usage and early nights.

Monday and Tuesday are just one, maybe two, in the evening but I love Wednesday when I shake off the mid-week blues with a good session, Thursday is a slow burn and then TGIF, its Friday again.

I love my substance.

Ten questions of honesty.